2K Sports will pay attention to market reaction

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2K Sports will pay attention to market reaction

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If the player is a long-term fan, of course, manufacturers are encouraged to NBA2king make adjustments and changes. While there will be some issues when the game is launched, 2K Sports will pay attention to market reaction and implement improvements.

In "NBA 2K19" The three-point shot has been made easier thanks to the "three-point shooting" game. It's much simpler to score, and the brand new "touch slam-dunk" feature in the next-generation console will increase the strength of close opponents, giving players of all kinds access to the game.

Furthermore the defensive skills of the players featured in this show have also been adjusted upwards. Blocking is now easier. I've forgotten how many times a tall person who was chased from behind during a dribble layup hit the ball with a backwards. When we examine how the game plays out overall, and the balance of the five-on-five game, it is clear that there are a lot more improvements compared to the previous series.

However, the biggest problem is that the system itself is "professional" and complicated. It takes a long time for the new players to be able to get used to. New players might not be able study because of the number of games that are launched each month. system.

While the game features the attractive "Basketball City" on Buy 2K MT PS4 the next-generation console, and adds new gameplay like adventures or RPG games it, it is similar to Michael Jordan's "Career Challenge Mode" in "NBA 2K11" "Or "NBA 2K19"'s crazy three-point shooting game. The game isn't appealing to beginners or has no addictive system that allows veterans to become veterans.

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