voip device there are

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voip device there are

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Hi everyone,This is Anna from china skyline.
We offer:all voip product( sk 8/16/32/64 gateway and goip 8/16/32 and wifi phone and sms modem and SK VoIP Gateway, SIMPool, GoIP Gateway, SIMBank, SMS Modem, 3G Modem Pool, Industrial Router, IP Phone, FXO/FXS Gateway, IP PBX, etc.),we also have live sms and voice traffic.
We need voice and sms route/port in: Australia(61),New zealand (64),Canada(1),Thailand(66),Vietnam(84),Indonesia(62),Malaysia(60),Nigeria(234),Afghanstain(93),India(91),Germany(49)
This is a online earn money business,if you are a newer,i can teach you step by step.
Payment options:Paypal/Payoneer/Local bank/West Union/ UAE payment options aviable.


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