Hosted PBX Software now in Available in USA

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Hosted PBX Software now in Available in USA

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PBX (Private Branch Exchanges) are used by companies to route telephone calls within their own premises. Depending on the type of PBX used people in your organization can have their own extensions, place calls and even send SMS messages and faxes. HoduPBX Software is more flexible, reliable and affordable. Most companies are replacing their old telephonic system with HoduPBX software to improve their communication experience. HoduPBX software provides voice, video, and multimedia via a single network. HoduPBX Software helps the user to connect the user from anywhere at any time.


Multi Tenant
Multi Lingual
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Prepaid & Postpaid
Integrated Payment Gateway
Reseller Module

For more info:
Call us: +1-707-708-4638

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